Big Picture Analysis

We're fast approaching the launch date of our new product that will be housed under the brand name Trading Stocks. This powerful suite of innovative quantitative trading tools will for the first time empower the small investor to take on the markets like no other product in South Africa. Built upon my experience as a professional hedge fund manager and trader, you'll gain access to a set of rigorously quantified trading tools that have stood the test of time in live environments. For the next couple of posts I'm going to discuss Trading Stocks in a little more detail, but before I do here is a quick overview of the key features:

  • Trade with as little as R5000
  • Very competitive pricing ranging between R99 to R299 a month on launch
  • Top down approach to trading that includes Big Picture and JSE Breadth analysis
  • Proprietary stock rankings to guide your trade decisions
  • 120 000 quantified strategy variations with historical performance statistics
  • Thousands of potential trade opportunities daily
  • Send orders and manage the trade process easily with our integrated execution capabilities
  • Past trades professionally recorded and displayed in a host of formats
  • Daily battle plan video where I'll provide my analyses of the markets and discuss potential trades
  • Live portfolio that I'll trade daily and that you can follow
  • Remove emotion and rely on proven methods guided by statistics

On a daily basis I'll trade a live portfolio in Trading Stocks and document my analysis and decisions in a short video that will be available to subscribers under our daily battle plan link every morning. The live portfolio that I'll trade and that you can track or copy will be based on a quantified top down approach which consists of three key inputs. First I'll analyse the health of the global markets with our Big Picture tool. I'll then examine the JSE internals with our Market Breadth tool, and finally I'll drill down into individual stocks and specific quantified strategies to trade. Let's take a peek at our Big Picture tool.

The world we live in today is highly globalised so that negative news in any one location can have carry on effects across the globe. As a result it's important to understand what is happening in the global markets so that we can better control risk and more effectively manage our portfolios. Trading Stocks enables traders to quickly formulate a view of the global markets based on proven and tested methods. It provides access to 37 global exchanges along with three proprietary indicators for each exchange. The indicators provided have been extensively quantified and have proven to enhance short-term trade returns significantly. They include long-term trend identification, volatility analyses and our truly powerful short-term emotional barometer which uncovers temporary extremes in price. We also provide aggregated performance of the global markets in three simple indicators, making it easy to assess the health of the global markets at a glance.


My analysis of the global markets will set the stage at a high level with respect to trade direction for the day, strategies and parameters to focus on as well as risk management. You'll be able to view my analysis via our Daily Battle Plan video released every morning. I'll provide a detailed discussion and provide reasons for my trades during my analysis. If you're new to the markets this will be an excellent way to hone your skills alongside me.

Next week I'll discuss our very exciting JSE Market Breadth tool. Until then, happy trading.