What a pleasure using Quantlab - this takes the biggest failing of investors being successful out of the equation - namely EMOTION! Just log on once a day and push your order activation button. No more trying to second guess your indicators, Quantlab takes care of that for you. After 15 years of active investing and trading, using many different systems, this is the best I have come across.

Ed Peen, Durban

I had tried to trade with CFD's some years ago and very soon got wiped out. Two reasons I did not have enough capital and no expertize. I have been with Quantlab for 4 months and am enjoying the whole concept of investing and having the computerized system buying and selling for me. The return so far for 4 months is just under 10% which equates with about 30% per annum minus the fees for using the programme. Thank you I love the concept of being able to short or go long depending on market movement.

Priscilla Hewitt, Johannesburg

What a great product. Once you have chosen the strategy you wish to go with all it takes is thirty seconds on my laptop/cellphone and all my orders are placed for the day, next day same procedure. In November I had a 5% return on my equity and December 3%. Incredible.

Dave Sutherland, Johannesburg