QuantLab is a complete turnkey solution - sign up and start trading. Our powerful built-in scanner enables you to isolate strategies that meet your personal investment objectives. Filter by a broad range of pertinent performance and efficiency statistics including return, drawdown and trade winning percentage. Combine your selected strategies to engineer your own unique portfolio. Extensively backtest and analyse the performance of your portfolio against our proprietary database. Make calculated and informed investment decisions by reviewing detailed test results. When you decide it's time to trade your portfolio live, our integrated execution capabilities makes it simple. Send your daily trades in as little as five minutes a day. Orders will be routed to the JSE via Saxo Bank, a reputable and leading international brokerage firm. Finally, and most importantly, monitor your performance in real time. Our intelligent alert system will make it easy for you to determine whether your portfolio is performing as expected.

  • Powerful built-in scanner to filter for strategies that meet your investment objectives
  • Ability to build custom portfolios diversified across strategies, timeframes and direction
  • Backtest your custom portfolio and analyse in depth historical performance statistics
  • Trade you portfolio within minutes with our integrated execution capabilities
  • Monitor your portfolio in real time performance with our intelligent alert system
  • Make calculated and informed investment decisions