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    QuantLab has the most comprehensive database of quantified or statistically validated trading strategies in South-Africa.

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    Take advantage of our hedge fund quality research that's currently employed by real trading firms.

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    Generate positive returns regardless of market direction by trading a diversified portfolio of strategies.

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    Build, backtest and trade a custom portfolio of professionally backtested strategies easily from within QuantLab.

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    Trade your custom portfolio with a few clicks of your mouse each day, saving valuable time and removing emotion.

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QuantLab Empowering Traders

QuantLab is the only product that for the first time truly levels the playing field for the private investor, by empowering them with the same types of tools and strategies typically found in the back offices of successful hedge funds.

QuantLab has the most comprehensive database of quantified trading strategies in South-Africa. All our strategies have been professionally researched, extensively backtested and are currently employed in live trading environments to manage client funds. Our powerful diversification capabilities helps to reduce volatility, mitigate risk and provides you with the potential to generate consistent positive returns regardless of market direction. Scan our database for strategies that meet your personal investment objectives. Build and test a custom portfolio, and then execute your daily orders all from within our proprietary web-based application. Monitor your portfolio performance in real time with key performance statistics and our built-in intelligence. All this can be done within as little as five minutes a day, saving valuable time and money.

Leverage the power of QuantLab and trade your personal account like a professional hedge fund.

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Live Performance

**Live client performance since inception to present, updated daily. Past performance does not guarantee future performance or success.
  • 100% of clients trading profitably since inception of QuantLab.
  • 63.28% of real trades have generated positive returns for clients.
  • JSE 1.27% | Best Client 26.99% | Average Client 18.37%
  • 71.43% of months have delivered positive returns for clients.
  • R941 million in total has been successfully traded through QuantLab.
  • R978,385 is the average client account size opened with QuantLab.

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The Founder

The relatively new field of behavioural finance proves that market participants do not always act rationally when making investment decisions. Emotions such as greed, fear, regret, hope, among others interfere with logical thinking resulting in irrational decision making which creates inefficiencies in the market that can be exploited for profit. After Daniel Kahneman was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on behavioural finance, the theory became broadly accepted by the academic community and now more and more studies demonstrate that market participants seldom behave rationally.

Our strategies are based on behavioural science and developed by a professional hedge fund manager. Unlike many firms that rely on subjective judgement, we are rooted in the bedrock of science.

Las Vegas is busy every day, so we know that not everyone is rational. – Charles Ellis

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** Past performance is no guarantee of future performance

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